Friday, April 11, 2008

11th Apirl's Friday *continue*


Okay after school i have to stay back for some sort of KRS meeting. And im involved in it! o.O But before the meeting starts, they have some marching practise. D8

I forgotten most of my marching command or steps already. XP So i decided to not go for the marching practise! XP So i was sitting a corner looking at them have FUN (not..) marching. In the mean time im waiting for those basketball players wannabe to come and play basketball. XP

ChangNien's commanding is improving.. but Marcus is still a show off like usual. I have no comments abt that guys.. But ChangNien is improving.. X) Btw.. ChangNien and Marcus are the one commanding around that time.

While i was waiting.. Guess who paid a visit?? Yuenhee and YiXuan! XD We sit down and have a little chit chat along. Thus, we observed how ChangNien was pumping with the juniors! They said that ChangNien's face was like spageti sauce or tomat cos it was overloaded red! XD

We were tired of watching them marching, shouting and pump. So we decided to go for a walk walk! XD Walk~walk~walk~

20 minutes later..

Now we are tired of walking. XD Yuenhee decided to go back to the marching teams. After we reached there marching practise was over and basketball players are there!! XD I got over excited that i dump Yuenhee and YiXuan aside.. sorry ya.. XP

After basketball, meeting time. Meeting time was awfully bad.. hate to comment it. X( Compare to BISDS's Youth meeting, that is very very bad.. But still we manage to discuss abt what are we going to do.

Me and ChangNien are the pegarahs activity. Hes the boss im the dim wit assistance! XD Me manage to discuss with XinWei abt the game very well. I think me and ChangNien are going to blow the kem up! XD If is kem tahunan it will be alot alot better! XD

Thats all happend today. I hope that KemPertaulihan is FAR MORE better than kem tahunan. Hope no one mess things up..