Saturday, April 26, 2008

Gaming Results

Currently Playing..

Rivera -The Promised Land-

A game which is something like FF but alot harder!

The Main Character. Ein

My Super Super Strong Partner. Ledah

His Limit Break! Lost Seraph.

Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories
-Reverse Rebirth-

Still playing.. XP But still i got improvements!

Riku - level 56
HP 260
AP 22
DP 70

The game is coming to an END! So means im going to finish the game adi! D8 Nvm.. replay Sora story again. XP Seriously..


Final Fantasy I & II -Dawn of Souls-

You get to pick FFI or FFII. And my Choice..

Final Fantasy I

Cos after looking at the Dissidia Trailer. I saw the main character which is "Worrior of the Light" so i picked to choose this game. XP This game could be a very very very long game cos if your not smart, you dont knw where to go one! D8

I love this picture.. X)

Black Rose: Day 9