Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Day after April Fool

April Fool was a totally shit thingy.. What will happend after April Fool?? Will 4 Ixora's day be more happy?? Hell no.. things are still the same.. but slightly better than April Fool's one.

PJK was awesome as usual. I hitted 1 cun kes ball! Tarvin, ZerHann and Ivan's catching skills and strategies were perfect! And Nick was still noisy like usual. XD We won the other team by 9-2. We own them!! XD

After PJK was English.. shit.. Here comes Pn.Chung. Kesian Ranee cos she was aimed by Pn.Chung. Scold~Scold~Scold~ like usual.. But i voiced out and said we need to talk abt our class drama, she actually let!! D8 That we happend once in a life time!! After dicussing, i found out what am i suppose to play as and its a pretty funny character.. my specialty. XD

Recess.. temaned Yuenhee to library. Spotted JasmineGan's sister and ChinCheeKen's sister. Bullied them for a moment. XD Yuenhee's friend invited me to some sort of Librarian trip. Yes or No?? Help me out please..

After recess.. Moral.. Pn.Kwang. She was pissed and she change all of our places!!! D8 And Guess what?? Me, Tarvin and WeiQian are still on our normal places!! XD Kesian the other people that got changed..X( Oh Ya!! Megan is sitting closer to me.. hehehe..

Nicholas was pissed with the places that he got and he have a little arguement with Pn. Kwang. The fight was kinda scary.. Nick has the guts to fight back her.. He pawned her so badly until small little tears are in her eyes. o.O But still Nick lost cos shes a teacher..

Fuh.. glad Moral was over.. Mod-maths cheer up our day! XD Pn.Ting!! I just love Pn.Ting's period cos it not boring at all!! XD Accounts.. Shitty.. Chemisty.. even Shitty!! We have a test all in the sudden. I think i screw the whole thing la.. XP

Yuenhee was emo today.. why?? I have no idea..

Yuenhee!! Dun be emo la kay?? Emo means killing.. I will still teman you like usual la.. kay?? X) Smiles!!