Monday, April 21, 2008

We are Guardian Force!

Today i was chatting with Marcus Tan in class, and heard that his sorta in to Guardian Force (GF) such as Bahamut, Ifirit, Shiva and so one. This crap came from FinalFantasy and most of them are sorta traditional. X)

We started of choosing who being what GF and this is what i go from him. All of us are weak GFssss.. XP

Marcus Tan as Tonberry!!

Tonberry is not exactly weak.. its pretty scary! D8 A small crap like it have lots and lots of HP. Its speed are slow but its magic and strength are very strong! Tonberry is weak on the outside but strong in the inside.


Brayan Oh as Cactuar!!

Another super freaky GF!! Cactuar may look like a retarded.. but its something like Tonberry. Its kicks ass! Its limit break is 1,000 needle which is superly painful! Cactuar has an odd weakness.. its afaird of water! D8 Its HP issint really that high, but it has Extreme speed which can run away easily.

Here comes another one..

Tarvinder as Cait Sith!!

Cait Sith is not exactly a GF but still its FinalFantasy character! XD Cait Sith doesnt really have much ability, infact its weak! XD Doesnt really have much ability.. it only knws how to talk crap just like Tarvinder! XD

And Finally..

Me as Moogle! XD

Moogle another weak and use-less creature in FinalFantasy. Moogle is actually some sort of shop keep.. there is lots of kinds of Moogle in every diffrent version of FinalFantasy. I dunno why but Marcus just picked me as Moogle! XD

Issint it just cute.. XD

Moogle from FinalFantasy Tactics!

Moogle from FinalFantasy VII

Current still looking for people to become..

Is very hard to find fellas to become Chocobo cos its just shooooo cute! Some chocobos have extremely strong and special abilities. X)
The Black Rose..

Modulating Phase!

Flash Backs..

Playing PSP in Nat's Birthday party~

Guess whose hiding behide the pillow? Angela! XD

Da PSP freaks!! Except im dun have PSP only.. X(

Conflict Resolve..

Black Rose: Day 5