Friday, April 4, 2008

Crisis Core Clips

I knw.. i knw.. Im just too IN to Crisis Core! XD If only i have a PSP i wont post soo much of this crap. I think.. XP Okay but i have my reasons for posting this clips out. I heard that Tarvin cant cross the final battle with Genesis. So i spotted some videos on battling Genesis. Sooo Tarvin enjoy! XD

Before i begin the video clips. I wanna tell you something coincidencely! Guess who is the one playing these clips?? Bro.Ahmad!!! Whose that?? The felle that helped me out in my Kingdom Hearts videos! XD Okay okay back to the main issue. I asked him what is his character's stats and this is what i got.. (Tarvinder try to get these stats if u can la. XD)

SP 25016
HP 83570
MP 449
AP 337

STR 63
VIT 61
MAG 205
SPI 60
LUK 46

He cant give me the materias that he has or he used with him cos its in japanese. X( But still the stats are enough shocking issint it? He says he has a materia that has been fuse into Bonus HP+999% and another one which is HP+500%. He also said that he has some extra MAG bonus from fused materias +60% and +80% as well. I dun really understand what he saided on youtube but.. who cares! Im not the one playing! XD

Genesis Final Battle (Avatar)

That huge thingy that Zack is battling is Genesis's Avatar. According to gamefax, its HP is around 600,000. Admad's suggestion was to spam massive damage with magics. Vital Slash helps out in killing all the small creatures which are summoned. Dealing critical with materia is also a wise plan. Use drain HP spell to heal massive amount of HP in the mean time damaging it. Continue the process up the battle ends.

Genesis Final Battle (Original)

Accoding what bro.Ahmad said, This one is alot easier compare to its Avatar. Amount of HP is 99,999. So if your a pro STR player you can finish this bastard within one attack. XD This battle issint so tough after all. Its attacks are not very strong unless you have short amount of life. Casting barrier and wall is a good choice so that Genesis's limit break is only a scratch to you. Draining HP is a good plan as well. Nothing much abt this battle.

If you think thats the hardest boss?? Try looking at this one..

Secret Boss -Minerva-

This boss is just way way way to strong. Its attacks are around 10,000 damage!! D8 And its HP is like GOD!! 99,999 damage its the best of the best already. Kicking this bastard's ass will take forever and of course a few tries. This boss's limit break is around 30,000 damage which is alot!! Keep alert on ur HP and the battle will be much safer.. Give it the best u can till the boss dies and DMW helps alot in the battle especially Angeal's and Sephiroths which deal great amount of combos.

Thank ou bro. Admad for giving me the fax of battling. So once i get a PSP i will be a pro Crisis Core player! I think..