Saturday, April 12, 2008

Special Training

Before i go right into the main issue, let just talk abt what i did today (11/4) Well actually what i did today.. is actually something like Gaming Results. XP

I finally finished Megaman Legends! XD And the game was very tough.. but still i manage to push it to the back of the game WITHOUT ultimate weapon! XD Next, i currentlu playing this pretty intresting game which is called B-Daman. Sounds familar right? Im playing it GBA. X)

Im Currently listening to Otherside (Red Hot Chili Pepper).. I have heard lots of comments about my blog.. Good and Bad.. The Good one is the songs, Most of the blog readers love "The Price of Freedom"!! XD Your not the only one! I love it too! XD The bad one is... my blog fonts are a little bit too.. boring.. thus blog post are too long.. I think i have to work out in it.

Okay back to the main issue..
Did you read my post about im going to play basketball at 9.20pm?? Well thats where the main issue jumps in. Me and my brother is have a special basketball training. For FUN!! We dont have time to play in the afternoons and evenings. So we have no choice but to pick at night! XD

Weng is going to challenge Sunway College tomolo.. But im not invited! X( Thus tomolo Yuenhee, WenJun and the others are going to have fun in 1U.. Im invited BUT i cannot go due to my mom.. X(

Plans for tomolo are.. Sunday School choir group! XD And then im going to Nat's birthday party.. I think.. XD But im going to miss the fun in basketball and 1U outing.. X(