Thursday, April 3, 2008

Snake in the House!?

Chill chill.. relax.. relax.. dont be worry im fine.. Even knw there is a snake in the house.. Okay this incident happend on April Fool. And how long has April Fool pass?? More than 3 days i guess.. so see im still okay.. so dont worry. X) I forgot everything abt it and i decided to post after i read my sister's blog. XP So here goes the story..

After my mom's Mod-maths tuition class. Everyone stayed back and waited for me to makan habis and go to Chemistry tution. Let me tell you the story in my tuitions of the day la.. lets just make it short in point form ba.. XD

Mod-Maths Tuition
- Learning Chapter 5. D8
- Wen Jun joined our class. XD
- Wen Jun brought his PSP! o.O
- Wen Jun and I listening to Crisis Core songs. The Price of Freedom!!
- Dad belanja all of us makan Carrot Cake. yummy.. XP
- Mom is in good mood today.. fuh.. X)
- Elroy playing bouncing ball in the class! XD
- Vincent throwing the bouncing ball around the corner.
- Lucky fellas got hit by the bouncing ball. D8
- Vincent forget to do his Chemistry work. XD
- Have plenty of homeworks. X(

Chemistry Tuition
- Teman Pei Shan and Jasmine walk to the house
- Teacher was shock to see me there. XD
- Very silent of me.. (that happends once in a blue moon..XD)
- Germaine was shocked to see me too. XD
- Focusing in class.. D8
- Understanding what teacher is teaching..
- Get to eat sweets! Fruit Plus! XD
- Seeing people gossiping abt other people.. o.O
- Teacher telling lame jokes. XD
- Homeworks.. haiz..

Okay thats happend on tuition.. enough of it la. Lets get into the snake part shall we?? X) After i came back from chemistry tuition, straight away i enter my room and pack my bag. All in a sudden, my sister came in a tell me there is a snake in the house. At first i thought she was fooling cause its April Fool but she wasnt joking at all.. Ther IS a snake in my house. D8

Behide my cupboard there was a snake. I thought it would be a big and scary one! D8 But it wasnt what i expected.. o.O It was only a little snake! XD According to what my maid said, the snake has been in the house for quiet a few days.. o.O

My maid was sooo evil, she killed the snake! D8 How did she kill?? She smash the snake's freaking head! D8 Soooo cruel!! Its only a small snake! Take it somewhere and throw la dun have to kill it ma.. X( The snake's head very flat.. seriously flat.. and you can see bloods on the floor.. Poor snake..

After pulling out the snake's deadbody, my mom notice it wasnt any dangerous snake. Then snake's body was still moving.. dunno why la. My maid was afaird to take it. Aiyo, its dead already what do need to be afaird off!? X( I stood and grap the snake and put it into the plastic. There goes the snake..

Seriously.. i kesian the snake la.. But what im worrying now is, is there still any more snakes in here?? Mayb there could be the mother of the snake!? D8 Nah.. dont be so perasan la. XD