Wednesday, April 23, 2008

22th & 23th Aprils

I didnt blog like around.. 2 days gua.. shooo this is what happend these few days.. to make it fast and short here comes point form!! XD

22th April >>

Maths >> Teacher was teaching like one period then suddenly we have to go to dewan. Its a little bit of woooohoooo and a little bit boooohoooo.. Lets seee wats happending..

Extra!! Before i go to dewan i paid a visit to Tarvin, WeiQian and Lyn. They are doing maths test in the office. XD I saw JinHwei as well. Gave a farwell greeting. X)

Dewan >> Its was talking abt HIV and AIDS thingy. Its kinda intresting that why i was 101% hearing to what are they talking abt. I like the part where Dinesh, JiaEu, Michelle and Audrey have to act on stage. XD It was a long talk until recesss!! Yipieee!! No EST and SEJ!! XD

Recess >> Nothing much happend. It was Erina b'day so they sang the B'day song for her in canteen. End up it got booooo by ever one. X(

Add-Maths >> Im kinda pissed of with this teacher. Watever she says doesnt make sense!! Luckily i have a mom which is an add-maths teacher or else i'll be screw!!

Physics >> Screwed Physics test!! Physics test was like owwwwmaigod... Bryan manage to do some so i decide to cheat a little. fufufu..

BM >> Yawns.. will this boring ness ever ends.. I spend most of my time talking with Lyn. X)

23th April >>

PJK >> Dammit why En.Zul didnt come!? Darn it.. after exams only we guys can have our PJK again.. haiz.. Megan said that her lontar peluru was awesome.. =.=

BI >> Pn. Chung told her that she isint around today.. Sooooooo Free Period!! XD But Harminder came in. D8 just for one period then the second period was taken by my last year favourite teacher Pn.Teh!! XD Spend most of the time talking with Lyn again.

Recess >> Nothing much happend again.. Talked with LenPing abt KingdomHearts Chain of Memory. XD

Moral >> Nothing happend here..

Maths >> Pn.Ting is always my favourite teacher in class. She always cheer me up with her Mod-Maths. X)

Accounts >> Dammit Accounts test was like haiyoooo... I forgot to do Imbangan!! D8 Megan did everything but she wasnt comfirm that shes wrong or not... Others are like also reacting like "haiyooo..."

Chemistry >> We did this coool experiment which is mixing Distilled water with some other acids and guess what? It became colourish! Oooooooo... XD Megan was challenging my emo-ness..

Thats all la.. all in one shot! X)

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