Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pictures Poeple!! Pictures!!

Random Pictures here...

John's Birthday Group Picture. X)
I dunno why but i seem i like this picture. XD

Sport Shoes tribute! XD
To find mine, just look for the MOST oddest colour.
answer: The Black Shoes with the white infront.

I looked like the spoiler of this picture. Anyways im not the MAIN spolier! ZhenWei is! XD I love Justin's new hat! It looks pathetic but when he wears it, i looks cute! not...

Meet my brother from another mother and another father but the SAME country! XD In other words, my FAKE brother and my piano teacher. XP

Before the next picture, i wanna u all to see this first.

Familiar right? Yeap, its from the Librarian Trip and its Tarvin and Me. Okay now take a look at the other next picture..

Looks almost the same right? XD Nah just being lame here.. XP
This picture was tooken during Tarvin's outing!

Its my brown brother's birthday!! XD

FYI: I was wearing the same vest, the same shirt, the same jeans, the same phone, the same specs, the same shoes and the same PSP for his trip. It looks exactly like the one in John's birthday party outing. XD

And these are the fellas who went for the trip. 3 guys and a girl. How nice.. XD Megan >> Tarvin >> Nat

Your eyes are not blur.. Yes its true. Kingdom Hearts played in a big ass phone! D8 Kingdom Hearts coded is coming out soon!!