Sunday, July 20, 2008

This might be the end..

I dunno why.. just being real bored so im here to express my feelings..

Im just like a little baby..
Taking little foots steps day by day..
But theres a path to choose..
The Steps of Good?
Or the steps of Evil..
Baby are naive as u can see..
Of course picking neither one of them,
doesnt really make any difference to me..
But once u step on either one..
You know..
Something good or bad is coming..
It depends on what yur standing on..
What im standing on is the face of the deads..
If I make any more steps or any movement..
I might be dead..
But then you came to support me..
Gave me a hand to make me stand back up..
Gave me wings to let me fly back..
You make me smile and laugh again..
Should are call u FATE??
call u GOD??
I dun think that makes sense anyway..
But the only thing that i can say is..
I love you..