Saturday, July 5, 2008

Librarian Installation


Lots and lots people have been asking me this question over and over again.. even my SISTER asked me that! The question is... "Are u a librarian??" =.=" Let me say this one more time.. Im NOT a librarian! I wish i was one.. sobs..

Okay i have been invited to a Librarian Installation, I went under... NOTHING! Is like other people got go under like KRS, Chinese, LEO, Interact, etc.. but i got invited under nothing! XP Curi-curi go in de.. shuuu....

They begin by performing some indian dance. Yuenhee is included in there. XD After that some speech and giving up the prices, etc.. While they are doing that, Me and Tarvin are playing our PSP behide. Hollow Ichigo VS Kosaka (the other hitsugaya) He kicked my ass badly.. =.= Just for a FEW times only!! Ceh!! Then Tarvin got addicted to this game called "Ridge Racer 2" go download the game larh..

Then more performance coming out! The junior librarian dancing. They have a Low inside that dance. What did the audience do?? We SANG! XD Me and Tarvin are just wait for the "low, low, low, low..." part! XD In the mean time.. Megan was playing Burnout! D8 Then more juniors coming out but this time is singing! XD Then speech again then more performance!!

PeiNing can play piano!? Woaw!! And the song she played is sooooo beautiful!! Gotta call Suilun to play that song. XD Next it other dance by the senior team. This time it includes the boys. Yuenhee and WenJun are dancing inside that dance!

I got one word for this installation.. FAST!! I think this is the fastest installation i ever been! The whole speech plus performance is like 1+ hour only!! D8 The food they serve bring back memories in Gua Tempurung trip.. XD

Outside we go!! Me, KhaiSern, Huiee and JinHwei are doing a little bit of camwhoring.. plus some juniors! We are doing some height thingy which goes like DO, RE, ME, FA, SO, LA, TI, DO! Im the first DO and GanYing is the last DO! XD Super short..

They said that they are going to have games. I heard form the other im not invited.. I heard that from some D*ck or B*tch! So i decided to do MYSELF a own game! The first thing we played was PEPSI COLA!! Missed that game soooo much.. X) The whole gang are like playing crazly! Come to think of it we feel a little bit LOA back there. XD

The pepsi cola game was funny! I killed 4 players in once shot! fuh fuh fuh.. but in the end got kicked in the ass by Megan.. sobs.. CheeGuan won the game! Damm.. Up next basketball!! That time it was left Me, Huiee, Jinhwei and Xinwei around only. The other go play the game adi.

Cos the girl cant really shot in the ball cos they cant hit the board. So i called them to think of the person they hate! At least they have more chances to enter the ball. There some funny story abt Jinhwei happend in the basketball court.. Names are mentioned and im ONE OF THEM! D8 Dun wanna tell the story... XP

Looking at Jinhwei and Huiee kena splash was a funny thing... I feel like a girl today.. I didnt kena splash or kena hit by flour today! Okay mayb a little bit.. Kwok Hsien is like going around the corner splash water and pouring flour at people! XD The victim that kena the most water and flour is... CHEE GUAN!! XD

The price of the petrol and the other kadar bayaran has been increasing sooooo much.. that people dun wanna go home and bath. Then where did they bath?? In SCHOOL!! XD Actually is kinda smart! XD After kena flouring and watering around the corner, Jinhwei and Huiee decided to take a bath, in school! Cheap people.. XD

In the end i head back home early.. wish that i could teman them more.. but tooo bad i have a tuition, meeting and a choir pratice that day.. Next time larh! X)

Pictures are coming soon... just u wait!!

Izzaty, your name is stated here now! Happy?? XD