Monday, July 14, 2008

13th Sunday

Well sunday sunday sunday is always a wonderful day. X) Sunday school time! XD

That sunday was one of my class's most important day ever.. is not someone's birthday, is not some huge performance, its our singing competition trailer! (aka qualification) Yup.. you might think is no big deal but i say its BIG BIG time business!!

We have everysingle thing prepared.. thank god that day sis.May was soooo nice that she let us have our training before competition. Yessshhh!!! XD Everything is prepare but just that most of us dun really remember the lyrics and there are overloaded people who want and can sing for our competition.. but no choice we have to kick out some.. X( Its tough but its a rule..

Interuption - For once Peiyin came after such a looooong time!!! XD Welcome back peiyin!! X)

Well nothing much.. we enter, we sing, we stare at other people's class.. and i think that everybody did a good job. Then when it was tissa's class turn to sing, it brings me back memories when we are in tissa but theres one think that im SURELY not happy of them.. they have overloaded people!! D8 Fuck me dead larh!!! What a losers!!

After that choir practice was fun like usual. X) Then me, John, Justin and Suilun stayed back for fun. XD John was having fun playing my PSP and he got addicted with BHTS5. No big deal.. i got addicted within 2 hours. XD Justin was playing his phone, Suilun was teaching me playing Price of Freedom.

Yessshhhh!!! I knw how to play The Price of Freedom already!!! With both hands!! D8 For a fella like me which dunno how to play piano one can play with BOTH hands!! Sobs.. so proud of myself.. sobs.. Thanks Suilun!! XD All i have to do now is to master the song and waaalah! XD

After that John and Justin leaved, leaving me and Suilun behide. We talked and play piano on the same time. In the conversation, i noticed that me and Suilun have alot in common. Well they dun call us brothers for no reason. X)

One hell of a big day!! It sure is fun.. Vanessa told us we entered finals but we werent first in line.. nah never mind.. there is always failure in people's life. X) I seriously dun mind getting 2nd, 3rd or even none place in the competition.. I would seriously clap hard for the winners which will stand upon us.. except Tissa

What i want to tell the BACKSTABBERS out there..

You might think that we are soooooo unfair cos we have training and we are the school team and help from our sifu but let me tell u guys.. we did this whole damm thing all by ourself. Call me a liar but i dun care.. If u think we are cheating, look into the mirror u wannabes your the cheater! U can hate me but DONT EVER hate my class! I think again and dun ever backstab again..

I think that singing became a part of Backsitterz.. X)