Sunday, July 6, 2008

Librarian Trip Pictures! (90%)

Flash Back of librarian trip. There another few more picture in my list but these is all i can found. Or should i say stoled! XP The blog police are aftering me very soon.. Gotta post this one fast!!!

My first time visiting librarian installation. X)

Tha fooooooooood!!! It makes me think back of Gua Tempurung..

Wats going on??

YuMing: Are we ready!?


Tallest to the shortest:
DO- Me!!
RE- Khai Sern
ME- some junior.. XP
FA- Jin Hwei
SO- another junior.. XP
LA- Huiee
TI- Kimberley
DO- Gan Ying

For Once that Huiee is taller than me! D8
Dont mess with the tigeresss...

More Pictures coming soon.. X)

Blog got problem thats why pictures soooo sucky.. XP