Sunday, July 20, 2008

Duty Time

yeah yeah i knw i knw.. duty time is like 3 days ago and im posting it like now.. yeah yeah i kwn whatcha thinking.. Whatever it is.. WHO CARES!! XD

Duty time.. this week is yuenhee's turn to do duty. Izzaty and Huiee stayed back for rumah biru. But that day.. we have an extra accompany.. Nat!! XD Nat doesnt have any transport home so we stayed back to have some fun with us..

Well, before duty time, Tarvin stayed back and temaned us for awhile. Eventually he doesnt really knw how to speak BM! XD Thus, we make tons of pratically jokes there! XD Okay try this..

What do you call a Face and a Sikh?
- Facing!


What do you call a Losted Sikh?
- Missing!


What do you call a Sikh on a Titanic?
- Sinking!

Lame to the power of maximum!!

Duty time! Kesian betul, yuenhee doesnt have anyone to accompany her. And then the hero comes along.. ME!! XD You owe me big time girl! XD

Skip to the rumah Biru part.. Izzaty and Huiee are playing badminton like usual. So me, yuenhee and Nat decided to take a visit. I tried something that i've never tried before just to be lame.. I was just trying to hit the ball without a racket but my own bare hands.

I cant belive my eyes that i could actually hitted the ball without a racket!! D8 Amazing issint it!? Im getting the hang of badmintion now. XD

Yuenhee can freaking play badminton!! D8 If the racket smack u right on the face! U might be half dead! I got the shock of my life that yuenhee actually can play! or should i say i've never seen her playing before! XD Thus shes wearing a skirt!!! D8 Everytime she did a smash i will stop and just stare at her. D8
Dont mess with the chipmunk i tell u..

Fuh.. Another big tiring day but yet FUN!! XD