Thursday, October 11, 2012

Your Favorite Colour

All of us should have our very own favorite color . If you dont really know/have your favorite color right now, its okay.. i say we all SHOULD have but i didnt say that we MUST have one right? If you dont have one maybe cause your a colorful person or something. XD

In my opinion, there should always be a story behind our favorite color.. Mine is pretty.. swingy.. swingy because ever since i was kid, i've been changing my favorite color all the time! XD (now i didnt say u cant have multiple favorite colours)

I remember my first favorite color was Blue. I remembering writing inside primary school essay or biodatas or editting personal profile stuffs or when internet is asking the question of 'whats your favorite color' and i always answer it, blue. The story of why its blue was because back then, i was a HUGE fan of Kamen Rider (Masked Riders) and Power Rangers. The Power Ranger that i was watching back then was the very first power rangers, the one with the dinosaurs and the colors of red, yellow, pink, blue and black. And for the Kamen Rider, i was watching Kamen Rider Black RX which can change into multiple different forms that are in different colors.

At first, i wanted to take the black color but whenever me and my brother are doing our boy role playing super heroes game time, my brother will always pick the black color ranger or the black rider cause that was the coolest looking ranger and the strongest form for Kamen Rider. So, i went with the blue ranger and the blue kamen rider instead cause i just think the blue ranger's weapon looks pretty cool and the blue form kamen rider is pretty powerful. (The Kamen Rider's blue form power is pretty sick now that i think about it. XD)

And then came the new color.. white color. And it is related to power rangers and kamen rider as well. The power ranger group suddenly have a 6th member in their team which is white color and kamen rider had a new cool looking form which is somewhat white and black-ish color. After see that new ranger and rider, i immediately change my favorite color to white! Through out the end of my primary school till early high school years, my favorite color has been white..

Now i dun really remember what happened during the interval.. but thru out my late high school days, for some reason i changed my favorite color to grey. I really dunno why.. from white to grey.. from such a happy  bright-ish color into a dull-ish color.. maybe cause during late high school days i started to feel the existance of emo-ness inside me.. Or maybe because i knew that white color stuffs are so easily to get stain on it, so change my color? Im not even sure myself.. lets just skip this part.. XP

And finally, when i came into college/uni days, my favorite color was black. Yeap, back to the old black color~ Now, many of you might think that the reason i like black was because black usually represents emo. Well, that half true. but if you actually think about, the black colour can match any kind of color and will still look nice. Just imagine, red black, yellow black, white black, etc.. all of them are pretty good looking colors! My sister's favorite color is also black as well, and she says that black is the universal color. It really has nothing much to do with this topic but she made the color 'black' sounds cool. XD

Therefore, you will usually see me in white inside and black jacket on the outside.. or maybe just black collar  or non-collar shirts with jeans. Yeah.. the style does sounds and looks alittle bit dull ( but its definately better than grey) but thats just me. XP

Why am i talking about this? I really dunno.. This is just a random topic that i wanna talk about.. There issit really much i can talk about to you guys since life at my side is pretty darn boring.. and of course, there are things going on but they are personal stuffs and most of them are not even mine! (im a kepochi, thats why i know so much. XP)

So tell me guys, whats your favorite color? And is there a little small story behind it? XP


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