Saturday, October 27, 2012

Observing Face Expression

Have you guys watch the american investigation series called "Lie to Me"? Its like CSI, doing investigation, finding criminals and solving mysteries. But whats so different of "Lie to Me" is that, the investigators in the show can read face expressions and body language when a person is telling lie-ing. Its a pretty good american series.

So ever since I've entered uni life, as some of u might know, i've been alittle bit more anti-social than i was last time. I spend more time doing my assignments, playing video games, playing magic and only socialize with all my classmates and my really close friends (most of them are guys). Hell, sometimes i dont even have the time to play games and hang out with my close friends! Sometimes, when im sick of working or I want to take a break, i will observe people around me. In other words, stalking but lets call it observe for this case.. XP

I've been observing people's face expression and body language just for the fun of it. So, one day some of my friends are hanging out with a couple of their own friends at uni during our break time and they invited me to join along. While they are busy having their own conversation i was half time listening and half time observing their face expression (i really dunno why i do that, its really creepy come to think of it.) Yeah, thats  how anti-social i've been. If it was the old me i would butt into any conversation they having (i actually still do that, but not to strangers) and talk all day.

So, one of them is showing her fake tatoo to her friends and to be honest, that tatoo looks real but her face expression kinda gave it away. (dont ask me how i can tell, i just can) all her friends believed her but i was the only one who said that its not. This girl that was showing for her tatoo was not really close to me, we are just 'hi' & 'bye' friends but i do see her around the corner with her friend sometimes. And yes, i observe her facial expression and body language. With that, i can tell when she was telling a lie when she was showing her friends her tatoo.

There was another time when one of my friends just got into a relationship and she was trying to hide it from people cause she didnt want the whole world to know about it. But one day, while I was having lunch alone (i came to school early) she sat and talked to me and i asked her about how her about her new boy friend. She was kinda shocked that i knew that they are in a relationship cause she NEVER told me anything about this new guy. After that she asked me to guess how long have they been together. Based on the changes in her body language, her facial expression and the things that she posted on facebook, i answered about two weeks and it was the correct answer..

Observing people's face reaction is kinda fun.. especially when you manage to guess correctly whether they are lie-ing or u guess correct something.. Me and my brother love to watch to those american competition show like Master Chefs, American Next Top Model, Hell's Kitchen, etc.. Basically, any show that they will comment about whatever that they did on the episode like saying what did they, how they feel, or who they hate. You guys understand what im saying so far?

Okay, so me and my brother knows that the producers will interview the participants at the end of the show and usually in these kind of show, there would be eliminations cause its a competition. So, what me and my brother like to do is observe their face expression when they are commenting about what they are during the show and me and my brother will guess who will get eliminated in that episode. Cause logically, if you get eliminated in a competition and you are getting interviewed after the competition, you will show little bit of sad emotion face expression when you are being interviewed. (unless, the fella is an extremely good poker face) And thats where and how my brother will determine who got eliminated. Its a pretty fun thing to do and its also a good way to train our people's face expression identification.

According to my friends, they say that im pretty accurate on telling a person's face expression but im better when it comes to doing poker face. In other words, im good in telling lies without revealing my lie-ing face. Which me a very suitable psychologist. (and i quote, that is something similiar to what they said)

Reading facial expressions and body language is FUN, im pretty sure that my skills are not up to the standard that i can read people's mind or be a psychologist but i really hope i can develop this skills just for the fun of it. It might be like a super power! 8D


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