Saturday, October 13, 2012

Taking 3D Modelling and Animation

Just to refresh some of you guys or maybe, for those of you guys who dont know, this might be something new that you dont know about me.. Im taking degree in computer science majoring in 3D Animations and Computer Games Development. I should sound a little bit more cooler right now.. just a little bit.. XP

For the first two semester of my degree, i've been taking mostly programming subjects. Boring, long, complicate, life threatening, sounds simple but hard as fark, problem solving and annoying codes that have been haunting me for two semesters. For my third semester (which is where i am right now) i STILL take programming subject but lesser (yay~) and finally, im starting to take the subjects that im suppose to take, Animations! (yay again~ XD)

Now whoever that told you that 3D Animations is fun, believe them cause it is. XP But 3D animations can be complicated.. its not hard but just complicated.. and sometimes, it can be annoying when you cant get the shape that you want. The more ambitious you are, the more complicated your model development will be. And me, im an extremely ambitious person when it comes to something like this.

The class itself is fun.. not to be sexist here but finally, we had our very first male lecturer. (yay~) His a pretty cool lecturer as well. He made class fun but sadly most of his class are around 2pm or 4pm time.. and those are the afternoon nap time. But still, learning modelling from him is fun.. Just the other day he thought us how to make a easy looking dinosaur (the long neck one) and a human leg. So one of my friends, Theodore decided to use both of the things that he thought us and combine it into one model.. and we have..

A super awkward and creepy looking hydra with human legs.. but it was really really REALLY funny when he first made it! XD

So now, i am working on my major assignment which is modelling a single frame animation (basically a 3D animated character picture) which can be anything we like but we must try and apply everything that Mr.Vincent (our 3D animation lecturer) thought us into it..

At first, i really dunno what to do.. then i start thinking about robots.. Dont ask me why but i just have the inspiration to build robots..

Spend two to three hours modelling this.. 

What i've modeled is very different from what i have in mind. The one that i modeled was alittle bit.. okay not alittle but WAAAAAY to simple and plain. Its not like i wanted to model transformers that would just be over ambitious.. i wanted to model a robot which is simple but yet good looking.. here are some picture to show you guys some examples..

I wanted to model something like this.. (its the yellow robot on the right)

Or this one.. Alittle bit over ambitious there..

So yeah, thats basically what i've been doing right now. I would have to say 3rd semester is alittle more relaxed than the first two semesters.. but still, its a UOW thing to keep all their students extremely busy to the extend that they cant even blog about their lifes anymore. DX

Owh yeah, i wanna thank all the 35 people who liked this picture of facebook. Credits goes to Liana for giving the idea to take a picture with the paper and helping to take the picture and send it to me as well. Thank You. XP

Many of you have been asking as well, "is there a meaning behind this picture." and the answer is 'Nope.' The story is real simple. I found this paper right under the desk of my lab computer. I knew that this paper was not for me.. That is because there was a class before me.. and besides i have very little friends in inti so the probability of someone who would actually write something this sweet for me is 2%. The reason I say its 2% is because there could be a possibility that my friends are pulling a prank on me or maybe there is someone stalking me! D8 Turns out, the paper was actually written from the previous class people (according to my seniors) and it is definitely not for me.

Why am i so free right now? Cause im currently having a break from modelling and im having an assessment break right now. Sadly, 2 more days of break and im back to uni life again. DX

Hope everyone is doing alright. And hopefully, i will be bloggin more often right now.. Will try and find something random or even the slightest small thing that happen to me on a day (like this random topic) to talk and share it to you guys. XP


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