Sunday, October 14, 2012


Some of you guys might recognize this logo and some of you might not. The the early 90s people should recongnize this.. Back then, this logo represented a software that was like the skype for us, the whatsapp for us and the facebook chat system for us before any of these are developed. This software is called MSN Messenger. (correct me if im wrong, i dun remember what issit called already.)

Msn still going on right now its just that i hardly hear people talk about it anymore. Nowadays when people wanted to chat online, its always "I'll whatsapp you alright?" or "We'll talk on skype." or "Facebook message me la.". Sounds familiar right? XP

To be honest, i really really really really really miss Msn Messenger. I would say one of the reason why im much more anti-social now is probably because i lost msn messenger. Most of my friends are there! Primary School, High School, Temple and HELP friends, all their msn contacts are there in my msn messenger account. And i really miss talking to them.. I have lessers contacts on skype (altho most of my close high school friends are there), i dont really go online on facbook chat system, i find their chat system really laggy and annoying.. and for twitter, its just not the right kind of apps to talk to people. To stalk them and hear their problems, yes but definitely not for chatting.

So what happened to my msn account? I really dunno myself.. i think my account got bug or virused or something.. i dont remember what happened but everytime i log into my account they always ask for my handphone number and they send a message to my phone asking my phone to send back something to re-activate my account.. please bear in mind that i have to do this EVERYTIME when i log into my msn mesenger account. And sending the messenger to the msn company using my handphone is kinda expensive. DX

So why not get whatsapp? The awesome application that allows you to talk to anyone like facebook, skype or msn for FREE as long as they have whatsapp as well. Well, sadly, my phone is not high tech enough to have whatsapp. Its touch screen alright, but its not as awesome as the other high tech touch screen devices there are available today.. DX If, i were given the chance to have whatsapp, hell i would download that app and put into my phone RIGHT AWAY. XD

I remember having video chatting with my friends using Msn when i was taking care of young Oreo in the toilet. Yeah, Oreo was alittle scare to being alone (he still is now) when he was young, and i will always stay beside im in the toilet (cause he sleeps there last time) until he fell asleep. And to not bored the crap out of me, i will usually chat with my friends on msn and showing off Oreo to them using Msn Chat system. Ahhh good old days..

If my msn messenger account still exist, i would be less lifeless and i would still keep in contact with alot and alot of my friends.. unless all of them have turn over to the whatsapp side.. that would be very very bad. DX So, for those of you who know me and have a skype account.. please do add me. Im desperate trying to keep in contact with you guys.. yes, you heard me.. desperate.. DX

Skype Name: klex.mingz

Alright thats all for now, im starting back uni life again tomorrow. I've been trying to update my blog more often lately because i had a one week assessment break which im suppose to be doing my work instead of bloggin. But i feel really bad for not bloggin much lately. Last month i only blog about one post.. ONE POST for one whole month! Thats really really not my style. DX So yeah, here you go. 3 blog post for 3 days in a row. Hope you guys still read it. DX


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