Saturday, April 2, 2011

IT and Technologies

Sometimes.. it really sucks being an IT student.. Heres why..

My family and people around me always gets confuse with the word IT. To them, IT is like a person who knows EVERYTHING about ANY technologies stuffs in life.

Heres some examples...

When the air-con is broken..

Mom: "Eh, YuMing, come and see why the air-con is broken."

*I went up and take a good look*

Me: "Well, I dunno.."

Mom: "How can you not know!? You are an IT student! That just shows that you have not been studying very well in class!"

When the radio is not working anymore..

Dad: "YuMing, do you know how much will a battery cost?"

Me: "Nope, I dont know anything about it."

Dad: "Hmph, call yourself IT student wor.."

When the air-con is fixed by my sister..

*I went up to facebook and check the newsfeed and I saw*

Sister: "OMG, I just fixed the air-con all by myself! @Klex MIngz cant even fix it even know his am IT student. LOL!"

When some technological thing is broken by you..

Me: "Sorry Gor, I accidentally broke the remote control.."

Brother: "WHAT!? How can you broke it!? You should know that you cannot use it like that!!"

PS: Dont ask what did do to the remote.. trust me.. its nothing dirty..

Me: "Im sorry, I was trying to figure out how to fix it and it just broke.."

Brother: "DONT EVER DO THAT!! OMG.. and your an IT student.."

Seriously.. Sometimes its really annoying..

There are many different types of ITs in the world. Not all IT people are one kind.

Im definately not those kind of person know everything about technologies.. You ask me about TVs, Air-Cons, remote control, radio, handphones, I cannot answer you all!

People, I study computer games development..

So, if you ask me about some computer and video games stuffs, I can answer you all but not in a perfect answer. Cause im not a very good IT student as well. XP