Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Talked to Tyler Wards

The first time was with Megan Nicole.. Then it was Julia Sheer and Matthew McGinn. And now there is the famous Tyler Wards!! XD

I would say Tyler Wards is waaaay more famous than the other two youtube singers that I've talked to. He has about 1100+ views in his Ustream live!!

But still all of them are AWESOME singers!! XD

Like last time, I've print screen the during the video moment. XD

Yeah, he has an awesome smile that will definitely melt tons of girl's heart. XD

He was checking out his viewers and comments.

He was explaining about love and relationships.

That moment he was waving to someone, but not me.

He was laughing at something which i dont quite remember what issit about. XD

Talking with him was awesome.. he replies lots of viewer's comments, suggestions, questions. The only thing that he left out was singing live. XD

He did asked us to help him do a little bit of something. And that is to help him to share this new and lastest original song. Which i think its very awesome and the video definately deserves to be shared here in my blog. XD

Its awesome cause there are tons of people around the world sharing their thoughts and feelings. And all of it are interrelated to the song. I wish that one day I can helped him out with one of his music videos. X)

More, more, MORE!!! More youtube singers do ustream please!!

The next one i wish for is Kaile Goh! XD

Or Taylor Swift!!! No wait.. if that happens, the whole ustream will be jam and lagged!! DX