Friday, April 29, 2011

Bad but Funny Oreo (Oreo 4)

All puppies at bad.. But Oreo is one funny badass doggy. XD

Oreo is currently undergoing potty training. And to be honest, the process of this training is not going very well.. I said not very well. So that means there are still some slight improvements. XP

The good thing is he found a usual spot to poop. More or less about 70% chance that he will poop at that same place.

The bad thing is that the place that he choose to constantly poop at, is my neighbour's house. XD

I have this door that link to one of my neighbour house. Why? Well, to be honest, I dont really know why either. My mom just wanted a door there to link to my neighbour's house. Maybe cause we are pretty close to that neighbour instead of the others.

Oreo is still very very tiny. His body is so small that he can squeeze through most of the holes there are in my house. And the door linked to neighbour's house have holes which Oreo can just easily sequeeze himself to get over to the other side.

We knew that is Oreo sequeezing through holes would happened. So we leash him up and put him outside the house.

BUT But but, that tiny little puppy has the strength of a titan!!!! I not kidding. I dunno how he does it but he actually break the leash and manage to go over to the other side and then poop at my neighbour's house! XD

Ever since that incident happened. Whenever we fixed the leash, he did the same thing again. (it doesnt happened all the time but some how he manage to break it once in awhile.) Break the leash with his amazing super strength, head over to the neighbour's house and POOP there! Not pee, he choose to pee at our place but he POOP there!! Thats whats funny this story! XD

Although this dog is stupid but damm is he strong!! A tiny size puppy like him can break a leash with.. i dunno how but he break it!! (about 3~4 times ady) And his the first dog that I've ever seen climb up all the way to my shoulder while im sitting down!! That is like the dog version of Tarzan man!! XD

Is time to get him a metal leash like Jasper did. Maybe that way he wont be able to break the leash or bite the leash with him almighty teeth. XD