Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Talked to Kaile Goh

The conversation held on facebook. Not on Ustream where I can see her face and all. XP

Well that counts too right?

I was commenting about how good her voice and covers are. I never expect her to reply the comments. The moment she replies, I was like, WHOA!!

There was this dude named Michael Stats was in the conversation too. I dont know who is he. But I dont care, my main focus was on Kaile Goh.

Through the conversation, I know that her new cover is coming up next week! WOOHOO!! XD

I hope to talk to her thru Ustream or hopefully, face to face next time. Hopefully, one day while I was visiting somewhere near these youtube celebrities live, I hope that I can meet them and JUST TAKE a picture with them. Ahhhh.. That will be a dream come true. XD