Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Q&A from Facebook Friends

I did one of those things on my facebook status again. Why? Cause im ranning out of blog materials to talk about. And the real thing is because i wanna spend more time writing about random stuffs to let you guys read, and less time on my books. XD

So heres what I wrote on my facebook status this time..

"The first 15 person who liked this status gets to ask me ANY random question they want to! XD Once u clicked LIKE, write your question down on my comment! Answers will all be written in my blog for blog material. XD

Before I start, I wanna thank all the lifeless people on facebook to clicked on the 'LIKE' button and also crack all their heads to think of some random question to ask me. XD Sincere Thank You.

Alright.. LETS BEGIN!!

1. Jess Wong: "What do you think about me?"
Answer: A friend with very very good hand writings. Seriously. XD

2. Mun Ping: "What to write?"
Answer: Write whether I think im more handsome than Justin Bieber or not. XD

3. Hevind Kumar: "Are you secretly in love with Justin Bieber? (I KNOW YOU ARE!)"
Answer: NO! I have no interest in watching his new movie or listening to his new songs. XD

4. Shin Ann: "When are u gonna group ALL and i mean ALLL !!! Of your HMC friends to make a bombastic music cover and video!?"
Answer: Im always have this idea of doing it with all my friends. But are they sporting or not? Are they free? And im pretty choosy when it comes to my singers. XD I tell you when i have enough friends that can sing la k? XP

5. Kay Jun: "
Name me 10 well-known youtube partners that you like!"
Answer: To be honest, I never really had a youtube partner. But if your talking about youtube people that I like to work with in the future, I can name it out for you right now. XP Tyler Wards, Julia Sheer, Jake Coco, Megan Nicole, Kaile Goh, Alyssa Bernal, David Choi, Eriel Ronquillo, Tiffany Alvord, and Christina Grimmie. XP

6. Zhen-Whei: "
I see you always write bout this girl. but I dont know who's that! LOL! You should story me next time we meet."
Answer: The emo emo status is about this girl that I like recently.. but shes with someone else now. The happy happy status is about the girl that i use to date when i was young, missed the days that I've spend with her. And the girl in my profile picture current, is my sister from another mother! XD

7. Kai Boon: "
What do you think about mieee after 1 year + knowing me??? :P"
Answer: I think you are a friend that im comfortable to talk about this that I love. Like Kamen Rider, Digimon, Pokemon, porn, etc.. You are also a very reliable friend who i can count on when it comes to studies and all. Especially Maths! XD

Sui Lun: "Tell me what are you angry/sad last time, last time we met if u remember, and also much more."
Answer: I angry of how things are with me and all. I manage to see things that I didnt expect and Im disappoint about it. But seriously, this question is not for me to answer Suilun. SERIOUSLY, you have figure it out yourself. It feels better that way. X)

9. Kah Yenn: "
Why are you SO TALL? Can u give me some tips on how to be tall? :P"
Answer: I tall cause I played alot of jumping sports like basketball and high jumps when I was young. And I eat alot of carrot cake!! You buy my dad's carrot cake and eat, but dont come find me if you gain weight instead of gain height. XD

10. Xiau Wei: "
Erm...............Tell me something random about me! :D"
Answer: Random ah? Errrr... I think you have awesome friends around you like Jessica, Esther and all. You should appreciate and cherish them well okay? Seriously. XD

11. Nick Tan: "What makes you so douche?"
Answer: I dunno, probably the dudes that hang around me in my college i guess? XD

12. Denzie Cheah: "Bank account number please?"
Answer: 123456789, password: 987654321. XD But seriously, i dont know my bank account and stuffs. Thanks to my parents la. XD

13. Max Ming Yi: "My RANDOM Question- What did you had for breakfast today?"
Answer: Owh, I had chocolate almond muffin for breakfast today. It was good. XD

14. Pei Yin: "Whats your favourite question?"
Answer: "Would you be my boyfriend?" No kidding. XD

Finally im done answering all the random question! XD

Yeah, I said 15 questions but I only have 14 here. Well because some of them just liked my status but didnt ask me any question. I dont wanna waste anymore time waiting for them to ask so I'll just ignore their liked la.

Maybe next time I should just out 15 comments and not 15 likes. XP