Saturday, April 16, 2011

First Vlog

Guess what people? i made a vlog youtube account of my own. XD

Heres a lousy introduction of mine. XP

I know I have alot of 'erm', repetition of words and i keep moving my hands around. Seriously not use to look at camera and talk and all. XD

I will seriously try my best and post up at least ONE vlog a week. Its a promise im gonna make to myself. But i cant garuantee that its going to be nice and all.

So heres the link to my channel. ItsJustKlex

Subscribe, leave a comment or add me as friends if you guys want to.

But on ONE condition, DONT SHARE any of these video k?

I wanna Thank all those people who supported me and gave me the idea of vlogging again. Seriously, I wouldnt have the guts do all of these if it werent for you guys. XD