Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Youtube Celebrities Friends

Here are some of my favorite Youtube Celebrities of all time! Most of them are already celebrities themself. XP

Tyler Wards>>Luan Legacy>>Boyce Avenue>>Josie

Tiffany Alvord>>Kaile Goh>>Victoria Justice>>Jenette McCurdy

Taylor Swift>>Julia Sheer>>David Choi>>Jake Coco

Sungha Jung>>Eriel Ronquillo>>Kodoubleu (Weijia)>>Tiffany Jo Allen

Megan Nicole>>Christina Grimmie>>Eppic>>Krista Hearts

Megan and Liz>>Alyssa Bernal>>Melissa Polinar>>Ariana Grande

Yoonha (Piano Man)>>Kurt Hugo>>MattyB>>Olivia Thai

Yeah I know them. On Youtube. XP Heres my youtube channel: MIngzNYui