Monday, April 11, 2011

Another Update by Me

Waadaaaap guys!! No worries, this is not one of my very infamous rants. Maybe I will rant about something later.. i have some ideas. XP

I just wanna give you guys a little bit of update about myself since its been awhile I talked about myself. X)

Well, my finals are coming really really close. About 6 more days from now. Yeah, I've been doing alittle bit of studying. Im still going to college and attend my last few classes in HELP. Trying to get myself some maths and malaysian studies tips before the exams. XP

And yeap, its confirmed that Im not staying in HELP College anymore (booohoooo...) but Im still not confirm to go which college for my degree.. And I still dunno when am I going to start my next college life. So, I probably still head to HELP and do some covers and visit my friends. (wooohoooo!! XD)

Sometimes, I wonder how am I going to do in the future new college. Sometimes, I worried that I cant cope along with the new college as well. Studies, friends, lecturer, exams, girls..

Wait.. What if that new college has no pretty girls!? Im gonna DIE ALONE!! D8

Oppppssss, Now back to the topic. So yeah, im leaving college and heading to another IT college to do my degree in computer games development. Finally gonna start studying something that I like to do. I hope that subject is going to the way I want it to be.

I did some crazy things before I leave the college..

One, I high fived random people in my college. My objective was to reach 100 people in one week. I thought it was going to be hard. but turns out, I got 141 high fives in 3 days. In the end, I got 182 High Fives in the week. X)

Two, i challenged myself to take 100 pictures with 100 different people in one day. I thought since I can get 100 high fives, getting 100 picture shouldnt be a problem. Turns out, it became a problem. Taking pictures with 100 people is way harder than getting high fives (obviously). In the end, I manage to get all my 100+ pictures in 2 days. XP I even made a video of it.

I only post it up on facebook. But not on youtube. So if you are not my friend on facebook, then sadly your cant comment it. XP

100 Pictures with 100 People (Video Album)

Yeah, its kinda lame and stupid things.. but I just wanna do something memorable before I leave. Although I can visit back HELP later in the future but who knows right? Maybe Im gonna be so IN to my computer games development subject, I dont feel like going back?

I hope I will be remembered there.. I wanna thank everyone that helped me out through my college life in HELP and i wanna say FARK YOU to all the idiots that are being a pain in the ass to me when im there as well. XD

Alrights, I've been talking too much now. Thats all for now, gotta go TRY and study. XP