Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Me in HELP Matric Article!

Remember that I told you guys that I was in an article of 'Top 10 Famous Students in HELP 2010'? Well, I wasnt lying. I just cant get the article of it. But I finally manage to get it!! XD

Heres the proof. XP

You see that dude on the bottom right? Yeap thats me.

And heres what people think about me.

If you cant see clearly, this is what they wrote there..

Yu Ming
'The Joker'

He's the funny man
of HMC, who brings
riots of laughter
wherever he goes.

Wow, i cant believe my lame, doesnt make sense, childish, copy righted jokes made people laugh. I would like to thank all of those people for saying and pointing out who i am when im in college. Buddha bless ALL OF YOU! XD

There are also another 9 more people along with me. They are..

Ashwin (The Animated One), Ali Reza (Michael Jackson), Corliss (The Social Butterfly), Gan De Ming (The Genius), Justin Lee (Our resident Energizer Bunny), Wong Ju Yi (The Gleeful one), Nipun Chrabra (The Performer), Peter Mark (The Lion King), and Vania Quah (The Queen).

The cool thing about this is that, among 10 of them, 4 of us are from SMK Taman SEA! XD

My first time ever appeared in the article. Ahhh... Feeling proud about it. XD

I gonna cherish this.. and keep it as my memory in HELP. Thank you MATRIC for writing about it. XP