Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Magic Box

Nope, this is not the kind of magical magic box that magicians use in their show. This is actually an arcade machine game that im talking about. XD

No, its not that dull looking, keep reading the post!

Those people who love playing O2Jam or any games that involves music and timing wise pressing game, you guys will love this machine.

This game is basically like what i said. Musical button pressing game. But instead of have 6 or 8 buttons, this thing has 16 buttons on it! That just make things more challenging. XD

Yeah, it has two screens but u will be pressing the buttons at the bottom and the top screen is for the other audience to see how lousy or professional you are. XD

The main thing that I like about this arcade machine is not because of its two screen and 16 buttons. Its because it has AWESOME music!! Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and English!

Some of the songs in this machine are pretty main stream and famous. Avril Lavigne, Justin Bieber, KARA, Jay Chou, Jolin Tsai, Super Junior and some anime songs are inside too!

The best part is that they have YUI's [again] in the game! 8D XD (Yeah, thats actually the REAL main thing that I like about the game.)

If u wanna know where you can play this game, the only place that I know that has this game is Tropicana City Mall, top floor, beside GSC, arcade center. RM1.50 per game and 3 songs available for you to play each time.

Wow, im pretty good with this marketing thing.. maybe Tropicana City Mall's arcade manager will see this and start playing me good money! 8D

Nah.. that wont happen..