Saturday, April 2, 2011

Use the Bridge People!

Im going to do alot of ranting these days.. Its not really my kind of thing to rant on my blog.. but im just gonna say it. You guys GOT to listen to this one, for your life's sake!

On one Friday morning, like always, i was waiting at the bus stop opposite Tropicana City Mall for my 'favourite' U82 bus.

There was this malay lady walking down to the bus stop and waited there as well. Then she was talking on a phone with another person. She was talking so loud, so I HAVE to eavesdrop her. XD

*At this point, there nothing related to the topic..*

I over heard that she said that she was waiting there before but she got bored of waiting and so she went TCMall to makan then after that come back there..

*At this point, the story is still not really related to the topic..

Both of us went up the same bus.. and then get down on the same station.

*Now, heres the part where things are starting to related to the topic..*

Both of us are trying to get to Pusat Bandar Damansara. From the bus stop there are two ways to go to pusat bandar. One, is to walk over the busy car road using the bridge which was about 1.5 metres away from the bus stop. Two, is to just cross the busy car road.

Guess what the Malay Lady used? The busy road!!

I was like.. Why women? WHY? Issit really that hard to walk a few steps to the bridge and another one hundred steps up and down the bridge? Shes not OLD at all and shes NOT fat at all!! And I believe she is not late for anything cause through that phone call she had earlier.. I would probably guess that shes is not in a hurry.. Even if she is, taking the bridge wouldnt really take that much of the time.

At that point, I was like.. Okay.. Just let her do what she wants.. Shes not the first person that I've met that done that.. Lets just keep moving.. Dont wanna be late for class..

Then, Guess what happened?? No she didnt die.. but she almost!!

She almost got bang-ed by a lorry. A freaking lorry!!! Imagine how much damage can that done to you if you are not lucky!! If that lorry driver wasnt skilled enough to brake that the right time she would probably be dead.. and definately not in a beautiful way..

Alright if your the lady, the polite way is to wave and apologize to the lorry driver. Cause seriously, its your fault and your stupidity for not taking the bridge. But guess what she did? She stepped back.. walked up to the lorry driver's sit and scold him!!

The lorry dude scold her back and pointed the middle finger at her and drove away..

That was the most stupidest thing that I've seen for that whole day.. It was funny but stupid at the same time..

So people, the moral of the story is NOT to be stupid..

Use the bridge people.. the government build that thing there for a purpose.. Its for your safety. Yeah sure its a pain in the ass walking it but if you do that, you are definately crazy car free!!

Next, when u are almost killed by something, please dont run up to that person and scold. You might really get yourself killed this time.