Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Family!! (Oreo 1)

Just so some of you who dont know. I have a NEW puppy! Its a male puppy and his name is Oreo! XD

Why the name Oreo? Simple. Cause his a full black puppy with a white tummy. Get it? Black on the outside and white on the inside? Oreo? XD

His a 6 week (turning to 7 week) old puppy with an unknown breed. Yeah, my brother and sister just adopted this dog from PAWS without knowing his breed. But from what my brother and sister say, his the best looking pups among the other pups that are available there. XP

The only thing that we know about him is that his going to be way bigger than my previous dog. Yeap, his not going to be a small looking dog forever. XD

So, Oreo has been my house for 3 days. I guess his still trying to getting use to the enviroment and all.

For three days i've been giving him some puppy trainings like potty training, no biting training and some sit and stand training. Teaching this new puppy is more pain the ass than teaching my previous dog. (Jasper)

The difference between Oreo and Jasper is that Jasper is more hyper I guess. He can just run around the corner crazily like no ones business. But Oreo is just some emo dogs that gets emo if you dont play with him. Cute issint it? XD

And another thing about Oreo is that his STRAIGHT!! Its sorta proven cause he likes my sister more than me and my brother now. XD (FYI, Jasper is gay. No Kidding..)XP

Taking care of Oreo is like taking care of a real baby. Its challenging and its fun! XD This could be a whole new experience since we never really take trainings seriously for Jasper.

I will making funny short blogs about Oreo in my blog. Just to update u guys on how is he doing. I might do short vlog with him someday. XD