Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Leave the Nerds Alone! (Vlog 3)

I dont get why some people just like to talk bad about one innocent dude for no apparent reason! Talk about stereotyping.

Some words can be really hurtful.. But yet still, people do so. Is not like those two girls know that guy.. and that guy is just pure innocent standing there waiting for a bus stop.

Asian girls mocking Asian guys.. I just find that very stupid la.

What a waste of two fine looking girls. Like i said before, so what if you have good looks. If you attitude is screwed up then that changes everything.

To all those people who have faced the same situation before, just ignore what these kind of people say, stay strong, study hard and move on with ur life.

Dont worry about not getting a nice girl/guys in the future. Once u are famous and you earn big money, the girls/guys will come to you instead! XD

If anyone of you find me using the word 'nerd' offensive, i sincerely apologize..