Friday, April 29, 2011

A Friday Day Out!

WARNING: This is going to be a very very very long post cause its and awesome day to talk about! XD XD XD

Its Friday~ Friday~ Gotta get down on friday!! *SLAPS!!!*

Alright its friday and I finally get to get out from the house and go out have lunch and watch a movie with my friends. But this time its a little bit different, this time Im hang out with my very very old/long/went missing/friends. XP

One is my spongebob friend, Qi Wei! I have known him for almost 4 years and its been a long time since both of us went out and watch movie together. The only time we met are the times where a certain event is going on at Justin's house. XD

Two is the badass Zhen-Whei. Another friend that I've known for almost 4 years too. I usually will see him in the temple on sunday classes but lately both of us have been busy with our own life we didnt have time to go temple anymore.

Three is the most unique one, Kai Shin. A friend that I've known for about 8 years of my life. Its been a long long long time since both of us meet each other. The last time we saw each other face to face was 2 years ago during some seminar.. after that no more. Actually the main reason of this outing is to meet up with her la. (no offense Qi Wei and Zhen-Whei. XD) oh, and just incase some of you asked, yes shes pretty. XP

So, the plan of the day is head to MCKL to meet up with them, go to midvalley, grab lunch, watch a movie and after that hang out.

I woke up at 8am early in the morning! I couldnt really sleep last night cause I was really really excited for this day! My brother was shocked and he thinks that im weird.

Played a few noob games of HON to cool myself down. After that, start to wash myself up, change and head to Tropicana City Mall!!

I grab TCMall's shuttle bus head to Kelana Jaya, then from Kelana Jaya head to KL Central and from KL Central I walked all the way to MCKL. Yeah its a long trip but its worth it! XD

It was pretty hard to miss MCKL when you get out from KL central. All you have to do is walk straight all the way and you reach the destination. To be sure whether is that easy to go or not, I asked some MCKL student on the way for directions and it was all true.

Once I reached MCKL there was security guarding the front gate. I have the feeling that if I dont have a MCKL student ID, I cannot enter the college. So, I called Qi Wei and asked him to pick me up. But he was somewhere outside the college doing something. He did asked me stay where I am for awhile, but I did not listen. I just walk into the college ignoring the guards and all. Surprisingly, they did not catch me. Maybe is cause I was a wearing a jacket and they think that I was wearing a name tag.

While waiting for Qi Wei, I look around the college and see whether they provide any IT subjects for degree and all. But sadly, that place doesnt provide any IT subjects. DX

When Qi Wei reached, he walked me around college and after that we found Kaishin studying alone. She did not notice our presence cause her back was facing us.

At first I dont quite believe that the girl that Qi Wei pointed is Kaishin cause I couldnt recognize her from the back with her new hair. But I totally believe Qi Wei's sense of looking. So I go over quietly asking everyone around her not to make a noise and then I close her eyes. The moment that she starts talking then I believe that the person's eyes that Im close now, was KaiShin. XD

After awhile of letting her to guess, I open her eyes and gave her a surprise. When she saw me, she jumped up and gave me a nice big hug. I didnt know that she was as excited as I am to see her. Its been so long since we both last met. So one hug is no biggie. XP

Next we found Zhen Whei hanging around some place in MCKL where lots of people hang out too. XD Then I meet an old BISDS friend there, Calvin. it was shocking to see that guy. XD Once, Zhen Whei and Qi Wei are done with their stuff, we begin out journey to Midvalley.

Before I begin talking about Midvalley stuffs, I wanna say that MCKL is a cool college. It looks small but it is actually a cool place with lots of things to do. Well, thats what i think la. XP

Went to Midvalley and the first thing we did is to think of a movie to watch. At first we didnt want to watch any scary movie cause Kaishin is not good with scary movies and I dont really liked watching one either. But after that, we all decided to choose a scary movie after all. (I dont remember how we came up to that conclusion.)

So, I was a choice between Scream 4 and Red Riding Hood. And for some reasons, we choose Scream 4 cause we thought that it will be more scarier with such a title. And plus, its the 4th sequel movie. So it might be better.

We hang out around Charles Junior (is that how u spell it? cause i dunno) for our lunch. Talked and laughed at each other. Me and Qi Wei had fun looking at Zhen-Whei making fun of Kaishin most of the time in CJ. XD We hang out there until the movie is about to start.

Entered the movie and begin our movie..

Alright, the movie was HORRIBLE!! I would say.. It was the first horror/violent movie that I've watched that will actually make me laugh! XD How un-scary is that!? I didnt really enjoy the whole movie. Honestly, I enjoyed watching Kaishin hiding behind Qi Wei's bag more than the movie. XD

In Conclusion, Scream 4 is a horrible horror/violent movie. Dont watch Scream 4 if u have a funny friend to watch beside of you. XD

After that we head back to MCKL and spend some hanging out with Kaishin and Zhen-Whei. Qi Wei went home early cause his going to Maroon 5 concert. We wanted to make a vlog on that spot but the camera thar I borrow had too little memory space to make one. DX

After that Zhen-Whei chao back home and finally Kaishin. Then I head back home the same way like I came to MCKL. X)

It was an amazing day I would say. The whole holiday I havent been really going out and watch movie with my friends at all. Plus, I was hanging out with friends that I havent meet for a long long time. (except Zhen-Whei.)

I took some pictures with them as a memory.

Patrick star and Spongebob Qi Wei. XD

Me and Zhen-Whei's retarded face. XD

And finally, Me and Kaishin. After 5 years we finally take a picture together again. XP (Yeah, no kidding the last time we took was form 2)

To be honest, there are lots of things that I wanted to do with them. But I guess someone up there is telling me not to be greedy. I get to meet friends that I might never be able to meet again in the future. (the word 'might' is there. XD) I hang out with them, I took a picture with them and I get some update from them. Thats good enuf. Im grateful. X)

So, we are going to meet in another 2 years again? Who knows? XD