Friday, April 8, 2011

Last Minute Informs

Sorry, its 12:28am in the morning and im going to rant again.. Cause im pretty much pissed off right now. I just wanna let the steam out.. so bear with me guys.

So what do you guys think of last minutes? To be more specific, last minute INFORM!!

Let say you are having an awesome friday night, your going on youtube, watching funny videos, chatting with your friends, you have finished up all your assignments! So basically, you just dont feel like sleeping early cause its friday!! You can sleep all you want the next day cause its saturday!

But then all in the sudden someone just called you and TELL you to do something the next day (not asking you to do something, rememeber that.) which you really dont like doing it. (I repeat, something you DONT LIKE doing.) BUT you HAVE to do it. Cause you have no other choice. You are their LAST hope!

Thanks to that thing that you are FORCED to do, you will have to watch up early in the morning and do that crap just to make that person's life better. And whats really farked up about this is that he/she called u about 12.15am and you have to like wake up 6am in the morning to do that shyt! That gives u about 5 hours of sleep only!!

How will you freaking feel? Will you get pissed?

I dont know about you guys, but I WILL!!! I will get so freaking mad that that one particular phone call totally spoiled my night! Totally turn my mood upside down!

Thats the situation that Im current facing right now!!!

This is not serious.. there are some MORE serious situation that I've faced. Heres for example..

Sometimes, after you have done helping that person doing that particular thing that you DONT like doing it. That person says 'Thank You' and after that disappear from you life. The only time that person will appear again, is when he/she is facing problems and need your help last minute again!

Last minute inform + USING You = DOUBLE pissed off!!

Whats worst is when that person coming to ask to you for help is a person that YOU LIKED! You helped him/her to do all the crap and then they suddenly just disappear and dont really talk to you anymore. No extra 'belanja you makan' or 'hang out with you more often'.. just 'Thank You' *POOF* disappears into the night!

Last minute inform + USING You + Toying around with your feelings = HEART BREAK!!

Seriously, some people gotta stop doing that man..

I know the topic is not going anywhere.. but im just here to let out everything that im feeling right now!! Fuhh.. I feel better slighty better right now..

Thanks for reading.. CHEERS!! X)