Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Oreo LOVES J&S (Oreo 2)

While I was taking care of Oreo. I brought my laptop out from my room and go into youtube to hear some musics.

I looked for Megan Nicole, Boyce Avenue, Tyler Wards and Kaile Goh's musics just entertain myself while Oreo is biting his chew toy.

Then, I opened Janice and Sonia's cover of 'Just the Way You Are'.

Oreo suddenly just stop biting this chew toy and start looking at the laptop screen.

I thought he was just wondering where did the music come from and all. But he was staring at the screen for more than one minute.

Normally he will just stare at the screen and ignore after 5 seconds later.

It was funny and cute at the same time while he was staring at Janice and Sonia both singing. XD

After that I stared and him and said..

"Mmmmm.. Good taste.." *pats his head after that*

Guess Oreo is really straight after all!! XD