Friday, April 8, 2011

The 'Dim Kai' Shirt

For those of you who have seen me real life. You guys should know how or what the 'Dim Kai' shirt looks like la. XD

The 'Dim Kai' Shirt!

For those of you who dont know chinese, hI'll explain to you guys what does 'dim kai' means. 'Dim Kai' simply just means WHY. Yeap, its not a little why, it must be a capital WHY!! XD

Why am I bloggin about this shirt? Well because I am lifeless!

Nah I was just kidding. Actually, I have a story to tell you guys..

But I wasnt kidding about 'I am lifeless' part.

This is a story about how awesome this shirt this.. Heres what happened..

It was one saturday night, and I was wearing this particular shirt, chilling out, playing NDS while waiting for my parents buying some things in the supermarket.

Then all in a suddenly, there was a few girls just walked pass me and they giggled at me for nooooo apparent reasons.

Yeah, it was a pretty weird an awkward moment..

Then one of them came up to me and said.. (in cantonese)

Girl: "Hey, thats a pretty cute shirt you have there."

Me: "Owh, haha. Thanks."

Girl: "Where did you get that shirt from?"

Me: "I dont know, my brother bought it for me."

Girl: "Owh, okay. Im sorry, my name is Linzy"

Me: "Hi, my name is Yu Ming" (weird eh, i didnt use the Klex name? XP)

Linzy: "Okay well, nice knowing you."

Then they all walked away..

How rarely can you get a malaysian chinese girl walking up to you and talked to you??

Yeah, sure its a weird topic to talk about.. but who cares!?

I never really had a girl walking up to me and saying hi and then introducing themselves to me. That only happens when they need me to help them to do something..

And im not going to lie, but that girl is not bad looking at all. Thats all im saying! XP

Therefore, from now on. The 'Dim Kai' shirt is offically my favourite shirt! XD

Who knows, maybe next time I will get a name and a number? XD