Saturday, April 23, 2011

His Growing Up (Oreo 3)

Hey guys, just wanna update you guys about Oreo. Yeah, so you guys dont have to randomly come to my Skype and talk to me just to ask how is Oreo doing. XD

Lately Im starting to leave him outdoors. His going to grow up to be a real big doggie in the future and we cant leave him indoors all the time. It just not suitable. So, that way he can get use to all the surrounding as he grows up. That is what i did to my previous dog.

But when I put Jasper outside, he was about 4~5months old already. His head is cannot fit thru the house gate anymore. That means, he cannot run out from the house. But as for Oreo, we start putting him outside the house at a younger age. So he is still at the point where he needs people to be around him when he do stuffs and all.

His been noisy ever since the day that we put him and tie him outside. That is because his really not use to all this new serrounding and the leash stopping him from moving.

Its really really hard for me to look at him like that. It sounds like his suffering but his actually not. He just need some attention. The worst is that he has to leave outside alone going thru all hot weather and rainy storm days alone. Its not a good thing to do but he has to learn it the hard way.

I dont really have problems when Jasper comes in. Maybe cause I was young and my brother is the one taking care of Jasper all the time.

But his been outside for 3 days and the period of him making noise is getting shorter and shorter day by day. Which is good. Sooner or later his going to know that outside is his territory already.

Im still having a hard time training Oreo to poop and peee. It really is a pain in the ass.

But now Oreo knows how to SIT already.. Im going to teach him how to STAY which people say is the MOST IMPORTANT command for any dogs.

Especially if I want Oreo to be the kind of dog that doesnt simple attack and bite people.

I've been spend sometime watching Dog Training Expert videos to teach Oreo to do lots of different tricks.

Its going to be different with Oreo, I hope my efforts pay off.