Thursday, April 9, 2009

What we learned During Sivik

I've not been updating my blog like only 3 days.. damm paranoid la me. (It comes from my mom. XD) Okay this post is abt what I learned during sivks period which was last tuesday. XP

Teacher was talking abt the diffrence between the marriage of an Islam and a non-Islam.. here was my class think it is..

ChoonKit stands up and be the first volenteer to write. We thought that he was god damm serious about it.. Cause his actually quite smart.. so this is what he written..

Islam, boleh ada EMPAT isteri
Bukan Islam, boleh ada SATU isteri sahaja.


Me and Tarvin are like laughing our asses out!! Even the teacher laughed as well! XD She called another person which is Roshan to write the next one.. this one is worst..

Islam, mesti bersunat
Bukan Islam, tidak semesti bersunat.


Thats funny but is freaking true!! XD

So thats what we freaking learn is class.. we actually listen for that particular day cause of this funny incident! XD Usual we will be like throwing paper planes here and there. XD

At least we learn something "useful" XD