Saturday, April 4, 2009

I screwed it up

Something damm shitting happend..

Today i wanted to change YUI Tan's string to a light string which is what i called soft strings. But just because YUI Tan's guitar is diffrent.. so changing into another type of string will change its voice as well.. So now YUI Tan's voice is totally untune.. is actually sounds diffrent. BIG diffrence.. Dammit!! I feel damm bad now.. shouldnt have changed her strings.. I feel damm bad now.. (I feel soooo bad that i have to say it twice)

Since YUI Tan's voice is temporally not good.. (I will get her repair in Travis's guitar shop) I wont be making any guitar videos for now.. mayb its time for me to get back to piano. XD But seriously.. i need to fix YUI Tan's voice..

Btw, my video for Konayuki cover i made is in Youtube now. Check it out. XP

On the other hand of the real Yui, Yui Yoshioka. Remember her song for FMA (Full Metal Alchemist)?? Its out in already!! 8D Woohoooo!! Check it out!!

again -YUI-

This song is not bad.. one of YUI's rocking song. But still not her best song i think.. her best so far is still JAM. I think.. XP But still this one sounds good as well!! Nvm, thats only one of her new albums songs. X)

I got addicted with Kamen Rider Kiva. Last time i dont really like it.. but suddenly i got intrested.. XP Why?? Cause of the songs which are in the show are sang by the main character of Kamen Rider Kiva. D8 Thus the song is not boring.. its freaking rock! XD Im starting to Kamen Rider's songs.. XD

The only thing that kept me happy is YUI's new song.. NOTHING ELSE!!

ChengMing? Im not visiting my grandparents. X( I feel bad... but i got sunday school to go and i have to stay here and study. Stupid mom..