Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fever's Fever

Argh.. i've cured 80% of my sickness and what is left is this horrible cough.. People these days are getting ill.. as in REALLY REALLY ill. For example, Tarvin, WeiSoong, JinHwei, Racheal, and many more.. its problally because of the terrible weather.. pfffff...

Im seriously nervous.. cause exams is like soooooo freaking near!! Thus, im not even studying!! I tried but i just cant focus.. im scared..

4 days straight im having sickness... stayed at home and skipping tuitions even sunday school!! This shows how seriously it is.. I was soooo weak that i cant even press the keyboards. Seriously.. I smsed some of my friends and one of them which is peiyin gave me a shock of my life. Shes the only girl which i knw wants to have sickness. D8 Just so that she can rest.. well good way to try to take a break but its a hard one.. XD

I suddenly got addicted to pokemon again! XP yeap.. so i searched everywhere around youtube for tutorials where i can play pokemon in NDS emulator. For 2 days i've been looking... guess what? I found it!! 8D I can play pokemon again!! Last time i use to have the same emulator but this time is better and faster. I can play pokemon in like 280+% faster!! XD Thus im playing this new pokemon version.. check it out!!

Platinum Version. This time main legendary pokemon, Giratina (origin form)

Anyways.. today is someone's birthday!! X)

I used to think this girl is just some plain old geek or nerd.. but shes worst that.. shes weird!! XD But a very nice friend..

Happy Birthday JinHwei!! XD
This photo was like sooooo last year. XD

Okay need to rest more.. study more.. and spam pokemon!! XD Good night world~