Saturday, April 4, 2009

Kamen Rider's Main Characters

Im being real childish again.. XD Kamen riders FEVER!! Believe me.. im not the only guy who is watching kamen riders in my age. There are many more.. and some of them are even older than me!! XD Okay back to the real subjects.

Ladies.. im going to show the main guys characters of diffrent kamen rider series. I dunno whether they are hot or not.. so you do the voting!! Im serious.. VOTE! XD

Lets get started shall we?? XP

Takumi Inui


Kamen Rider 555
-Faiz Axel Form-


Tendou Souji


Kamen Rider Kabuto
-Hyper Kabuto Form-


Nogami Ryotaro


Kamen Rider Den-O
-Den-O Climax Form-


Wataru Kurenai


Kamen Rider Kiva
-Kiva Emperor Form-

So ladies start voting.. On my suggestion.. If i were a girl.. I think that Tendou Souji from Kamen Rider Kabuto is the best looking guy.. but guy comparing guy is just not right.. ewwww!! So you do the picking. XP

Supernova -Tetra Fang-

One of the best song in Kamen Rider history.. The singer is the main character for Kamen Rider Kiva which is Kurenai Wataru. XP

I like this picture.. Ichigo is just waaaaay to strong already. XP