Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nothing Much..

Spend the whole time playing pokemon!! XD Got obessed with pokemon again.. XP Thus, since i got a NDS emulator i can play other nds games!! 8D I can play FFIII and FFIV which are in NDS. But FF4 got a little bit of problem.. is its okay, still can play. XD FF3 works prefectly..

Due to its emulator.. some game any function properly.. for example, The World Ends With You. Yeap, i wanted to play that game like desperately.. but cannot.. graphic cannot support and the file will crashed.. Have to wait for a better version to come out only can play. XP

Back to pokemon.. according to the game i've been playing for 9 hours! Fark thats long.. XD and this is my currently pokemon team. XP

From Piplup to Primplup and now..
Empoleon. lvl46

I thought of chosing Infernape as my starter but.. i decided to go for Empoleon since tons of people are using it and they said it strong. But i regreted, Empoleon is not as strong as Infernape.. but still, its my best pokemon in my team. X)

From Starly to Starvia and now..
Staraptor. lvl35

yeap, just like last time. Staraptor my flyer and my quickest pokemon. Come to think of it, its attack power arent that weak as well.. XD Close Combat rocks!! XD

From Burem to..
Roselia. lvl32

I tought of trying new pokemons.. so Roselia is my new one lo. I want it to become Roserade.. which will take quite awhile more.. Well Roselia is not a weak pokemon. Its my strongest SP.Attacker. XD

From Ralts to Kirlia and now..
Gardevoir lvl30
I just got Gardevoir like few minutes ago.. I just like Gardevoir due to its teleport ability, high Sp.Attk and its looks. Nothing much.. XP Its one of my favourite looking pokemon. XP

Kirlia lvl 28
I got another Kirlia.. but this one is male.. Gardevoir is a female. Diamond and Pearl got a male version of Gardevoir which called.. Gallade. Going to get this pokemon.. but it will also take awhile to get this cool looking pokemon,

Update more about pokemon soon.. XP

WEll still i havent forget abt studying, guitar and of course YUI!! XD I still keep in touch with other things.. XP I still keep up with Kamen Rider. XD I still spend my time going into youtube and looking at tutorials and funny videos. Heres some from the 7Bachelors..


So far.. for this year.. i think this is the funniest among all!! XD Seriously.. i watched this video for like 3 times.. and its still kinda funny. XD

7B Shirts Commercial

Yeap, they have their very own T-Shirt... XP And just to tell the whole world about it, this video was made.. Its still funny and pretty much lame!! The reasons are not true.. XD

7B Hyper Battle

This is just another fighthing video made by the 7B. its good and funny.. the ending is hilarious. XD

Another YUI picture.. X)
I take back what i used to say.. shes is still very pretty and cute. X)

Exams coming, YUI new album coming, Lunch coming, credit last day coming, and fever is coming again.. XP