Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ponteng to KDU

Thursday.. its a typical normal school day.. but i pontenged school!! XD Not alone!! With Tarvin, Nat. Huiee and Izzaty!! And we have or premission and reasons to ponteng. Fuh..Fuh..Fuh..

We went to this KDU treasure hunt competition called "hot cat tour". I was teamed up with Nat and Tarvin. The reason we enter the competition was because of the $$$, yeap money. Its a tough luck yet fat chance but worth a try, the first place gets RM1000!! D8 Thats like freaking lots of money!! If we win, we split the money among us into Rm333. Extra RM1?? Buy ice-cream la!! If I get the money i will buy a new accoustic guitar!! Tarvin wants the money to repair his psp. Nat?? he wants it to date girls. XD

Taman SEA has sended six teams.. yeap.. SIX FREAKING TEAM!! That means there will be like 18 of us pontenging. Me, Tarvin and Nat tell ourselve.. MUST WIN!!! Even if we have to fight against own people!! XD

We thought that his competition is a piece of cake.. should be.. be it turns out farking hard!!! Among all the tasked.. we just finished 3!! 6 teams from Taman SEA, 5 of the teams got kicked out! X( Well.. we knew it was a fat chance ady..

Since we pontenged school and we can pick to go home, we decided to go to ATIAR (dunno how it spells) to have a walk.. But we made a bad choice.. ATAIR is way way way toooo boring.. Nothing to do there!! We just go there and waste out time. So, we called steven to join us. X) In the mean time be our taxi driver. XD

We decided to head home.. home as in MY HOUSE!!! So i let them entered my messy room.. while Huiee and Steven have to go to ss2 and buy something. Which is pretty much good damm obvious. XD Then we slept for like 2 hours at my place.. spsssss... I slept with Nat. On the same bed!! D8 Die la.. i dont wanna live anymore la.. (you get the joke right?)

After that Steven and Huiee came to my house and continue to have fun!! I showed off some of my guitaring skills.. *hidung tinggi* After that we went youtube and hear some YUI song. I still think "again" is good. X) Thus we go and look for some korean songs. XD Gee was first in line.

After that all of them went home and me?? back to the bed and get ready to help my dad in pasar malam!! XD

Something awesome happend in pasar malam that night!! 8TV came to pasar malam and make their show right infront of my dad's stall!! 8D Its something like a superstar show.. for once im seeing some real show right infront of me. The best part is, i get to see it first before the show which is saturday!! XD

Went home and took a long night rest.. ZzZzZz.. tomorrow? Good friday? It has nothing to do with our school. Damm.. XP