Thursday, April 16, 2009

How's Life??

Hey YUI Tan, hows life going? *silent* okay, seems to be pretty well going? XD

How's my life? Its pretty much okay.. X) Im not that emo anymore.. heres what happend today..

We finished our BM drama.. and im ready to be.. erm.. DRAMA!! XD Im ready to act.. and hopefully tomorrow, we can kick asss, if cannot win the get the crowds attention. XD Thats should do the trick. XP

We did some chemistry experiment in class. I was in a group with WeiSoong, Vania, Racheal and Megan. We simply mix some chemical and we got this very very cool looking chemical!! 8D Its like lava lamp.. its was sooo attarctive sooo i stole it.. D8 Bad boy.. but this is how its looks like. XP

Pretty issit? Next time i will show the real thing.. its sooo cool and liquid-ish. XD

After that i went to WeiSoong's house and have a swim.. heres what i've learned.. Never invite only one guy to swim with you. It was sounds gay, looks gay and its boring.. diffrent feeling. Invite more people only go into the pool. XD

Then, he called me to picked up a rock and make it into my lucky rock. Well, i did it!! I took a cool looking rock. (konon-nya cool looking) and i treat it as my lucky rock.. its something like the show "The Secret" X)

Mah lucky rock!! XP

I finally know why YUI Tan is diffrent than the other guitar i played. I noticed it through WeiSoong's handmade guitar. D8 Okay back to the main story.. what is diffrent about YUI Tan is.. its strings are harder to press.. its not because its standart strings.. (it might be part of the reason la) but the real thing is because.. her distance between the strings and the fred are further compare to other guitar. Yeap its true.. thats why the feel of playing the guitar and the strings pressing style is diffrent. This means im really have to buy another guitar. D8

Something about YUI:
I finally found out why is YUI soooo busy these months. Well its because shes becoming a DJ in japan!! 8D Thats soooo cool!! Now i like her even more.. XD Thus i found YUI's offical website already! You can see lots of things about YUI there. Her song lyrics, her lasted news, her diary and her radio station!! But u only can understand unless you knw japanese. XD

Making a link in my blog. XP Ganbantte YUI!! XD
Your birthday is coming soon. X)