Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday? Bad Boy..

Saturday.. theres actually school today but i pontenged it.. I thought i was going to get screwed by my dad, but he sorta forgive me. 8D I love my dad. X) Better not tell mom abt this or im screwed BIG TIME!!

The whole day staying at home trying to learn some new songs.. infact.. i did learn a new song. XD Another YUI's song. XD "Tomorrow's Way", its not that hard after you learn how to play bar chords. XP But still.. using standard strings really kills my finger. Take a look

Yeap.. thats how pain issit.. Ouch..

Huh? Change to light strings? Well i wanted to do that since travis's shop sells it like RM30~35.. But i prefer not to change. Cause one, im lazy to wait for it to season again.. You knw.. new strings.. XP Two, im saving money for a new accoustic guitar.. Even my dad says that my guitar is waaaay to small for me. XD Three, in order to gain muscle to play bar chords, i have to do the hard way. Yeap.. 3 prefect reasons. X)

After learning the song in like 30 mins (boy, im getting good at this. XD) i made the video instantly and post it on youtube. XP Take a look and comment abt it. X)

I finally found pictures for YUI's new song "again"!! 8D Also we can see how she looks in her 22nd!! X) I havent been seeing any YUI new pictures for like 3 months. XD Sooo lets take a look.

This is how she looks like now..

I have to be honest.. she looks better last time.. (shuuuuu.. dont tell her. XD) That doesnt mean she looks bad now!! She still looks good! XD

Yeap.. she looks better last time. XD

Anyways.. her new album is coming out soon already!! Well it will be out first in japan la.. but still its coming out!! YAY!! XD I hope she can get a good sale out of it. X) This 2nd of June!! Support her people!

People! Support her people!! XD

Something nothing to do with this post:
Theres this guy who is with me for like almost more than 8 years. This guy.. he talks alot.. he sings alot.. he burps alot!! But his not a bad guy!! The good part of him is.. he introduce me to YUI!! XD and his brithday is at the 10th April.. and this guy is..

Nathaneal Tan Kim Fei

Yeap.. this is coolest picturethat i can find. XP

We are friend like more than 8 years.. so.. of course we share good memories together.. for example..

This is one of them.. but its not what you think it is.. seriously..


Happy Birthday Nat!! X)

Yeap, and tomorrow (saturday) im going to his birthday party. Yay!! X)