Thursday, April 30, 2009

Internet Down..

My internet is down.. so i cant really use the internet.. Dammit..

If your asking how can i post this post, its simple.. Im at cybercafe now. XD Yeap.. waste like RM2 just to update my blog. Stupid issint it?? XP

Internet down is not a bad thing u see, its kinda good. My exams is like in another few more days, so having the internet shut is good. XD I can try, I mean TRY to focus on studying.. XP But still.. not used to it la. XD

Anyways.. NDS emulator is still working.. and Im not really playing pokemon anymore cause im using cheats and its kinda boring.. X( So im playing FF3!! Woohooo!! The game rocks man!! its something like pokemon la.. you hit and you wait and see what happend. But i think FF3 is alot harder than any FF i played.. its more of strategy.. or mayb its cause i suck.. X(

Okay.. im going to update more next time.. when the internet comes back up or after exams. D8 Die la..

Tonight going Jeffrey's house for party..
Watching Kamen Rider Decade ep14..
Learning how to play chinese song on Guitar..
So called Studying..
Miss someone.. X)