Sunday, April 5, 2009

Fixing YUI Tan

Okie, blog readers should knw whats really going on.. to those who dont really knw.. read the past few post and then u will understand.. why am i fixing YUI Tan.

Something nothing to do with the title:
Today sunday school was wicked!! Class was nothing.. but choir was fun.. its like a BISDS idol.. Everyone is auditioning for Nalanda Competition. XD I was one of them.. Round one i sung "Bridge over Troubled Water" people comment and said.. it was good but waaaaay to serious and goosbumps.. 0.) Round 2 is "Where Peace Begins" and that song was better than the first one. Still.. Im using my nose and sing. So Vanessa gave me a special training on singing.. I have practices. XP

Okay back to the real subject!!! My aim was to bring YUI Tan to Travis's Guitar Shop and get her fixed.. but suddenly, while i was walking half way throught.. BAM!! Started raining heavy. D8 So.. i change my mind.. since i was still waaaaay far from the shop... So i took this huge risk..

I stopped by at Mahogany (the guitar shop in ss2) and brought a set of standard accoustic guitar strings. What am i doing? I going to fix YUI Tan myself this time!! D8 Yeap.. I taking this freaking huge risk.. One to save time.. Two, to gain more exprience.. So i brought YUI Tan home and get ready..

After studying on Youtube.. Asking Tarvin for some instructions and soo i begin..

YUI Tan without her strings..

The packages of strings..


*After 30 mins of twist and turn..*

This is the result it turn out..


Did i scared you?? XD No NO NO.. this is Tarvin's guitar.. XD Btw.. I named it Classcoustic. Is like Classic + Accoustic = Classcousctic. XD Cause his using a classical guitar with contains accoustic guitar light strings!! GAY!! So now he has a semi-accoustic guitar. XD What is really funny abt this guitar is that its as brown as its owner. XD Just kidding.. XP

Back to YUI Tan.. and Tadaaaaa~

Yeah... See See See she got strings again!! XD

Up here is messy.. Cause i dont have the cutter to cut the strings. XP Thus Tarvin say that is best that i dun cut it. o.O

But what is really important is..

My guitar is back... YUI Tan is back! XD

I got her back the way i got her from the start. She sounds diffrent.. just because of the new strings.. it needs some seasoning.. (means something like to be matured..) So i wont be making videos until its sounds back like an accoustic guitar again. X) How to get back its voice? PLAY LIKE MAD. Then can ady. XD

Anyways.. i gain a new experience at least. X) Fixing guitar issint as hard as u think.. (SAYS ME!!) i just takes a little bit of twist and turn and walah!!! yur done.. XD Guitarist should try to save money by fixing it themself. XP (save like RM20!!)

Okay.. One of the problems in my life is solved. X)