Monday, April 6, 2009


Arrrhhhhhh!!! YUI Tan's strings keep out of tune!! I beared with it once.. so now i have to bear with it again!! Arrrhhhhh!!! Its killing me!! Strings arh strings.. faster season la..

Mixpod is making me frustrating as well!! Grrr.... "again" song which i putted there.. suddenly just change into the next song. Im finding a way to fix it.. but still its kinda frustrating.. Arrhhhhhh!!!

Im thinking for chords.. but just because of the new strings.. its soooo much harder to press cause it new and im not used to it.. playing bar chords is hard again. Arrrrhhhhhh!!! I think i will buy a new guitar.. a better quality one.. and this one? I'll still keep it just incase the new one broke a string or something. Saving BIG TIME money again.. $$$

My piano is going pretty well.. still got a little bit of touch.. XP So "The Rain is My Tears" is current underprogression.. Pretty good.. but im spending more time on guitar so that i can get use to the strings.. XP

Heres the opening for Full Metal Alchemist (series 2)

I wasnt expecting much.. but this is quite an opening. X) Pretty good..

Frustrated with lots things.. mainly is the guitar.. arh!! Patients.. I'll get used to it and solve it as well!!