Friday, April 10, 2009

My Best Youtube Video

Yeap.. I posted this video for like only 1 hour plus ago and guess who many people viewed this video?? 91!!! From the record of my video list, i've never had this much of people viewing my videos in such a short time!! Im soo happy.. sobs.. wanna knw what video issit??

Listen to my story first.. As you all knw that YUI's new song called "again" is like world famous.. Its new and nice.. For now no one has ever made a guitar cover of it in youtube.. Since i've been like spamming the music and got the tune and melody in my head.. I decided to make my first step and be the first person to make the video cover!!

Aftr like a few minutes of identifying.. the chords issint as hard as i think it is. Its kinda easy! 8D Mayb its cause im ear playing or its really that easy.. SOOO i post the video in youtube and walah!! huge amount of people dropped by, rated and commented!! 8D Thank you! Thank you!!

again -YUI- cover by MIngz

So what do you guys think? Good? Bad? Dont comment here! Go to my account and comment!! XD Your rates and comment are very important to me. XP

109 views now!!!! Okay what am i really really afaird of is.. the sony company go and band my account. Cause i've been seeing some electro "again" cover in youtube.. and all of them got band! D8 Please la.. hope that my account wont kena band la.. DX

Im gonna work really really hard on guitar now!! But wait.. exams coming!! D8 Die la..

But the good thing is.. YUI Tan's strings are seasoned. X)