Friday, April 24, 2009

again PV

Another "Its all about YUI" post. XD

Yeeehaaaa~ Im just excited that YUI is back!! And this is like the number what time i said it? XD Finally the PV i've been waiting for weeks is finally out!! Yeap, the PV for YUI's new song [again] is out!! Woohooooo!!!

You have to visit the website la.. the poster embedding disabled the video. So i can i post it out in the blog. X( But now worries.. i saved it in my favourite and just incase if its banned due to copyright, i download the video through Youtube Downloader. XD Yeeehaa~~

I said that YUI looks diffrent now right? And i used to say that shes better looking last time right? Well i take back those words BIG TIME!! Shes still CUTE!! KaWaI to the MAX!!! Especially in the hoody. XP Shes still pretty, cute and her looks are more matured. X) She is have the "going to cry face" while she sings. XP

This girl lightens the music in me. XP She gives me inspirtation everytime whenever im composing a song. XD Seriously.. [The Rain is My Tears]?? She gave me some ideas through listening to her voice and song. XD Oh I almost forgot!! The song that im making for her is not finished yet! D8

*Grabs guitar and starts strumming*

Anyways.. Im just happy that shes back. X) FIGHT-TOH YUI!!