Saturday, August 29, 2009

YUI's New Song!!

Yeap, like wat the title said.. i found YUI's new song!! XD Yeap, its under the album the [again] so yes indeed its a new song! XD

This is just the music.. if you got youtube downloader dont mind to help me download plss... XP I cant use com like i said before.. XP Plsss plsss plssss.. Anyone??

Oh btw, this song is a theme song for a japanese movie..

Yeap the main actor is the actor of Death Note's Kira. XD Its funny cause this time his not the one doing death but facing the death himself. XD This show is abt gambling la..

What im really intrested is in YUI's new song.. not much of the movie.. but its worth a try watchiing it. XD

It still doesnt change.. I still love YUI. X)